Hour 1 The boys got a great gift from Mike Frattallone, and teased to a major announcement on next monday’s show about the first ever live GL podcast taping….let’s just say the fine folks from Summit Brewing are going to be a big part of this very cool event.

Hour 2 GL lands an interview with a man who has a major stuttering problem only to discover that it can be cured if he speaks in another accent. That and Patrick makes his weekly appearance with two brand new Richard Reusse stories from long ago that he had not yet been aware of, and they are a must listen!!!

Hour 1 Listener mail leads to the discovery of one of Joe’s desires for a long outdoor skating trail here in the Twin Cities. A very troubling story over the removal of artwork in the St Paul city council chambers. Where will it end??

Hour 2 A woman in Texas is upset over an airline gate agent making fun of her 5 year old daughter’s name, you better listen to find out what that name is. Kenny is also in from the Crabby Coffee shop, he tells the great story of Joe getting mad at him last week inside of his garage.

Hour 1 Joe started the show with listener mail and included one of the all time moments of the show in which nobody was paying attention…..including the news guy who was reading the story. Losing our touch with nature, yep one guy in Germany called 911 because he mistook the sunset…for a fire.

Hour 2 Joe gives us an update on the condition of Sourdough Slim who lost everything in the fires at his home in Paradise CA. Another story of power washing with the snog “White Christmas,” and Johnny Heidt’s news cast is interrupted with a call from former Gov Ventura who claims to be running for President in 2020.

Hour 1 Joe begins today’s show with yet another story of why he will never attend an NFL game in person. He also read a letter to the editor from a nurse who is blaming disease and other cases on, you guessed it, climate change. They also wrapped up the hour with a Johnny Heidt newscast.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with email roundup, he also takes issue again with the city of St Paul trying to take over trash collection. johnny Heidt’s newscast finishes the hour and Rookie gets hung up on a story of a guy who parks a car he wants to store for purposes of collection in his basement.

Hour 1 Joe admitted to buying the Tiger vs Phil golf match from last Friday, followed by more denying from the great denier. Plus more hypocrisy from the UN global chief who spent $500K on personal travel. The hour then concluded with a Johnny Heidt news cast.

Hour 2 More proof that some claim humans are ruining the earth and aren’t doing a thing about it. Another Johnny Heidt news cast, and power-washing at it’s finest……Charlie Brown is apparently a racist. Yep, you can’t even make it up.

Hour 1 Joe starts the show with Bruce and Judy Quick who are two former residents of St Paul Mn who reside in Paradise Ca and lost everything in the wild fires. They also wrapped up the hour with a John Heidt news segment.

Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with listener email roundup, he then brings up more from the club and their anti-stance against Chick-Fil-A, and then the show wraps up during the Johnny Heidt news experience with craziness over the mating habits of bees, you can’t really even make it up!!

Hour 1 Members of a curling team are kicked out because they were drinking, Joe has an issue with that. He also is not ok with a female member of the Navy dressing up like a dog because it’s her passion. We are also breaking tradition at the capital because of religious beliefs thanks to Ilahn Omar.

Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with another edition of email roundup. A teacher is in hot water for bullying students….because the teacher thanked students for standing for the anthem. It’s almost over!!

Hour 1 Wind-milling alert!!! The city of Minneapolis is making shop owners comply with a city ordinance saying that they must sell fresh produce including fruit and vegetables. One issue, nobody is buying it and thus, the store owners are forced to throw it all away. Khaled Azem is the owner of Fremont market and he joined Joe to discuss this ridiculous law.

Hour 2 The Mayor begins the second hour with another tale from the world of the destroyed Academy. He also goes through listener mail including a great note about the Schwan’s family run company in Marshall MN, and more unbelievable stories from the horrific wild fires taking place in California.

Hour 1 Gov Dayton still recovering from surgery . Great guy, just bad Politics. The Thai cave rescue info on logistics is out. These guys were brave! New developments in the Prom pic from Baraboo, WI Whoops! New book ‘Garages in America’ gets a thumbs up

Hour 2 A scientist admits to making some mistakes in his data on Polar Bears. Sometimes the numbers are pushed too fast and they are inaccurate. Huh? Great story of Joe being forced to kick in his first door. It took him three tries…..OUCH!

Hour 1 Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald lets Joe know the latest from the town’s murder and kidnapping scene. We learned some new things about what the town is going through. The prom picture from Baraboo, WI is still in the news and is forcing people to choose what they think about it.
Hour 2 Prom picture from Wisconsin is discussed and the staff does not all agree. Kenny and Reuvers differ from the Mayor. Was it a Nazi salute? Just a wave? During Heidt’s newscast, Rookie describes what a character in his head thinks it is. LOL!!