Hour 1 Joe started the show today with some listener mail, including taking the Rookie and his friend at the airport to task for the doom and gloom over travel warnings. No catastrophic tornadoes in the year of 2018 were cited by the Star Tribune today, we were lucky this time. The media can’t get enough of the call President Trump made to a 7 year old before Christmas.

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour discussing Colin O’Brady completing the first ever unaided walk across Antarctica. Rookie gets hung up on one unimportant aspect of his trip. Dave Dahl also makes his very first appearance on the podcast to talk about the winter weather storm and travel complications.

Hour 1 Joe brings up an interesting weather fact to start the show. Airport travel info from rookie’s friend at the airport, and then Johnny Heidt rounds out the hour with a news cast.

Hour 2 Joe wonders where all of the bicyclists are right now? Then the boys discuss the impending winter storm about to strike the state of Minnesota. Joe then goes into the sea change of political class from the greatest generation to what he predicts will be the future. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the show with another news segment.

Hour 1 Joe and the boys are in for a Christmas Eve edition of GL today!! Joe still wants to believe the cattle story from last Friday. Joe has an end of the world, James Bond related. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the hour with a news cast.

Hour 2 The Netherlands already has more bikes than people, Joe and Reuvers bust out the Santa tracker, Patrick joins with some of his favorite Richard Reusse stories as Santa, and then Johnny Heidt closes out the show with yet another award winning news cast.

Hour 1 The entire GL crew is live from Summit Brewery for the first ever listener VIP party!!! The Mayor was very confused by a story from North Dakota of a group of cows who gathered to from a crucifix…yep he is our very own cidiot!! Kenny and Johnny Heidt were there today to bring him back to reality.

Hour 2 The entire GL crew is live from Summit Brewery for the first ever listener VIP party!!! Mark Stutrud the founder and owner of Summit Brewing started the second hour of the show today. Johnny Heidt gave a second news segment and the ultimate push back. The boys led a chorus of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” at the Summit Brewery!!!

Hour 1 Joe began today’s show with a little email roundup, and also gave some additional info to the listeners who missed out on the Summit experience tomorrow and how they can still enjoy some of the fun. There was yet another weird sound discovered last night.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour today with more on the mission to cover up the Art Deco murals in the St. Paul City Council chambers. Joe is also thrown off because of the time of the day we taped the show, he hasn’t had his lunch yet. Then he wraps up the show with thoughts on the decline of the desire for the sedan in America.

Hour 1 Michelle Bausch of WTOP in Washington D.C. was the guest today to discuss her new podcast “Going Under: The story of Tangier Island, Va.” The boys then have the final debate on who refers to a regular can of Budweiser as a “diesel.” Johnny Heidt then wraps up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour today with a lovely piece of writing sent in by a listener. They then have their daily push back segment featuring “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Then Johnny Heidt wraps up the show with another award winning news segment.

Hour 1 The hypocrisy from the left strikes again! This time Michael Bloomberg Flew Giant Blocks Of Ice To London On A Private Plane To Demonstrate ‘Climate Change.’ The Mayor also proposes “The Groinies” awards show next Januray 4th. UC Berkley also holds a candlelight vigil for a robot that burst into flames on campus.

Hour 2 Joe started the second hour discussing the first ever transgender contestant for Miss Universe. He also talked about the last of politicians who attempted to be useful rather than important. It was also discovered that a class in the destroyed academy called adulting teaches how to cook, do laundry, and change a tire. Can’t make it up.

Hour 1 Joe began the show today with pianist Steven C to promote his Christmas together show tomorrow night at The Cathedral of St Paul. The boys then stumbled upon an Irish woman who had a tough time making a snow angel, then the hour gets a little out of hand at the end because rookie is confused as to what topic Joe was discussing.

Hour 2 Deana Martin the daughter of the late Dean Martin is on to discuss the ridiculous controversy over “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Joe then talks about his latest obsession of watching Jonathan Winters on The Tonight Show, and then we learn that back in High School Rookie ran for and won Class President…….

Hour 1 You can’t keep the Mayor down!! He is in here right from the surgery room. The boys also played the very first jingle for the Southdale mall Christmas season from 1956. They also had their daily push back segment featuring “Baby it’s cold outside.”

Hour 2 Joe and the crew start the second hour with thoughts on this year’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. They also had a ray of hope as Joe read a story about a Michigan boy who tried to save up money to buy a headstone for his late friend, and California introduces yet another absurd tax.

Also: Your last chance to register for the GL VIP listener broadcast at Summit brewery on Friday Dec 21st: