Hour 1 Joe began the show today with more historical facts in weather history from his new favorite website. He then got into the legalization of marijuana discussion with Kenny, and the boys chatted a bit more about the 3 year old boy who claims he was saved by a bear in North Carolina.

Hour 2 Joe brings up an op-ed piece from The Washington Examiner that was worthy of another groin kick. Mary Poppins has also been power-washed, another llhan Omar update, and Howard Schultz comments frighten the left.

Hour 1 Joe and the entire crew are in for today’s episode. They start the show with a ruling on garage wood. Joe then gives a review of ‘Deadline Artists’ and how Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill defined an era of New York journalism in the late 20th century.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with more on the story of the 3 year old North Carolina boy who claims he was saved by a bear after getting lost in the woods. Johnny Heidt then wraps up the show with another stellar newscast.

Hour 1 We are not alone, Chicago also likes to get into the Climate Change hysteria. Joe also offers up thoughts on legalizing marijuana, Tom Brokaw is forced to issue an apology, and yet again another llhan Omar update!!

Hour 2 Joe wonders if anyone currently in office is actually interested in solving the enormous debt this country currently faces. The also replayed an interview Trevor the duck who is the loneliest duck on the entire island of Niue.


Hour 1 The Mayor starts out the show with his foolproof plan to end the Government shutdown!! They then have another llhan Omar update, followed by a call from Jay Kolls on the light rail story from yesterday.

Hour 2 The one and only Patrick Reusse makes his weekly stop in Garage Logic and he was in rare form today!! We learn about his favorite stop in all of Florida. President Trump also agrees to re-open the Government for 3 weeks.

Hour 1 Joe begins the hour with an observation on the most recent book submitted to Author’s Corner “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” by Gail Honeyman. He also had the Lake Detective on with an update on a prediction given weeks ago.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with a KSTP story from Jay Kolls on light rail causing a death in a crash of a young man, and legal loopholes prevent them from being prosecuted. B as in B, S as in S.

Here is a link to that story:


Hour 1 Listener mail started out the show with additional thoughts on the Covington High School case. Ilahn Omar also made some very outrageous claims against the group of students, most of which were completely false. Johnny Heidt then wrapped up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 2 Joe discovers an avid “Indoor Medallion Hunter” today. He also recalls the story of the time out looking for it with his mother years ago. He and Kenny also discuss the art of lost golf balls and a woman’s claim that they are pollution and very harmful to the ocean.

Hour 1 The entire GL crew in for today’s show. They continued the discussion on the case of the Covington High School students and why the Mayor thinks that this is one of the most important times in American journalism.

Hour 2 Joe introduced some listener mail and reaction to the Covington High School case, most of which pointed towards the staff. Johnny Heidt then rounded out the show with another award winning news segment.

Hour 1 Joe and the entire crew are in for today’s episode. They spend most of the first hour discussing the story of the students from the all-male Covington Catholic High School coming face-to-face with Nathan Phillips, a longtime Native American activist and Vietnam veteran, as he chanted and banged a drum in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Hour 2 The Mayor begins the second hour today with a little listener mail then Kenny takes him to task for being the “word Police.” A new report on who is to blame for the wild fires in California, then Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with a news segment.

Hour 1 Charles Krauthammer gave a very civil, well thought out piece of dialogue on border protection two years ago. It is worth your time, Joe and the crew play it in the opening segment of today’s show. The Mayor also has troubling thoughts on what Ilahn Omar is up to in office.

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with an email on a question relating to the Jayme Closs case and the murder of her father. Patrick then joins for his weekly segment live from the estate in the fort. Then the boys close out the week with Rookie telling a really bad joke.