02/22 Pinal county Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb joined at the start of the show. He discussed just how dire of a situation border security is and how drug smuggling at the border has become a billion yes billion dollar business. If you want wall talk you are getting it from a guy who is in the eye of the storm.

02/19 Joe chats with Darren Troseth who caught the record sturgeon on St Croix, turns out he is a long time GL’er!! Climate change is to blame for shrinking number of buffalo, more ruling from the salon, and Johnny Heidt with two great news segment.

(*Note – The way GL will now be produced and shared via the podcast will be one long file as opposed to the two separate files we have done previously. Same amount of content just easier to access for some of the fans who have had a little trouble previously. Thanks for your loyalty to GL!!!)

Hour 1 Joe discovers a researcher named Marina Vance who claims the biggest shock she discovered was the impact of toasters was on air quality. Johnny Heidt is in today and wraps up the hour with another award winning news cast.

Hour 2 The actor Jussie Smollett who initially was thought to be the victim of a hate crime back in January now is seeing his story falling apart. The two Nigerian brothers arrested in connection with the assault are no longer suspects in the attack. They’re now cooperating with police. They claim that he paid them to do it.

Hour 1 More information has surfaced in the story of the Colorado man who was attacked by a mountain lion while jogging, and used his bare hands to kill the animal in order to survive. Joe also has thoughts on the dangerous road declaring a national emergency over the wall will bring.

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour expressing his desire to have Garrison Keillor on the show for a conversation. Then Reusse makes his weekly appearance and informs the team of a new problem that he has been having lately.