Hour 1 Joe begins the hour with great Halloween stories from the staff and the emailers. He then gives the latest with the tragic story out of Barron county Wisconsin, stops by for a visit in the world of sports and why he is very worried about the game of baseball. Joe then wraps up the hour with a letter to the editor who compares drivers to bicyclists.

Hour 2 The Mayor starts with a big story in the LA times about a problem nature…..and we can’t do anything about it. Listener email played a big role this hour including one about the absolute definition of wind-milling.

Hour 1 Joe begins the hour talking about memories from the great Halloween blizzard of 1991, they also unveiled yet another fantastic GL comic from Greg Holcomb, this time the GL tennis team is defeated by Diversity-ville. Also the entire crew is in today and Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with the news of the day.

Hour 2 Joe has been excited for weeks to get the chance to chat with Amor Towles, author of “A Gentleman in Moscow.”

Hour 1 The Mayor begins the hour defending Hillary, and you need to find out why. More from the shootings in Pittsburgh, a Johnny Heidt news update, and Joe ends the hour with some great breaking news regarding the GL podcast!!!

Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with the sad state of our current political election races. In particular the race for Attorney General between Wardlow and Ellison. Johnny Heidt with another news segment, and Michael Bloomberg was in town to give Minneapolis and St Paul $2.5 million dollars to fight……..global warming.

Hour 1 Joe began the show today with thoughts from the Garage Logic service road of life on the horrific story of the shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The crew also discussed the role of social media in stories of this nature. Johnny Heidt was in with a news cast, and they closed the hour with a story where a school banned employees from participating in an event sponsored by Chik-fil-A.

Hour 2 The double standard of the club on Halloween costume, another award winning Johnny Heidt news cast, and yet another story from the world of the failed academy.

Hour 1 Joe started the show talking about the Florida man detained after a week-long bomb-package scare. He then read several emails from listeners on his comments pertaining to President Trump from yesterday. He then wrapped up the hour with a little sports and a discussion of people who want to move Halloween to the weekend permanently.

Hour 2 Joe is convinced that no Halloween costume could not be considered offensive anymore. The crew learns that the Florida bombing suspect lived in MN for a time in the 90’s, and Reusse wraps up the show with his weekly segment and does not disappoint.

Hour 1 Five Eyewitness News anchor Megan Newquist joined at the top to discuss her 3 part special report and exclusive interview with the father of Justine Damond who was fatally shot by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. Joe also discussed the explosive devices left for Trump critics and how his behavior is not helping matters.

Here is the link to Megan Newquist’s story on kstp.com

Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with the fallout of Megyn Kelly at NBC. The crew also discusses the outpouring of email regarding Kenny and his desire to watch the fields of corn being harvested near his farm and why he desperately wanted to be there to watch.

Hour 1 The entire crew is in today!! Joe started the show today with more thoughts on the tragic story from Barron county Wisconsin. Johnny Heidt with another news segment, and then Joe wraps up the hour with some great listener email.

Hour 2 More from the world of the failed academy this time a production of the classic “Aladdin,” you won’t believe why one mother is complaining. Another great story from a really stupid criminal, and they wrap things up with yet another award winning Johnny Heidt news segment.

Hour 1 Barron county sheriff Chris Fitzgerald joined at the start of the show to discuss the case of 13-year-old Jayme Kloss who went missing and her parents were murdered inside their home. We also had more violent gang like activity inside Valley scare, and Johnny Heidt with a news segment.

Hour 2 Drag queen’s were on hand to talk about their line of work for career day at an elementary school in Colorado. Another case of parents ruining Halloween for kids, and Johnny Heidt wraps up the hour with another award winning news cast.


Hour 1 A candidate for Governor in the state of Florida wants to get rid of law enforcement and his campaign is in a dead heat with his main competitor. Backyard campfires lead the listener email segment, johnny Heidt with another news cast, and more into Joe’s theory of sports evolving into reality television.

Hour 2 Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez compares climate change to ‘existential threat’ of Nazi Germany. We already have our first Christmas songs being removed from schools because they contain the word Jesus, and Johnny Heidt wraps things up with yet another award winning news segment.

Hour 1 Joe discusses the winding days of fall and the preparations that must take place before you know what comes. The crew also discusses the etiquette involved in backyard fires, the findings of Keith Ellison’s divorce records being unsealed, and a controversy in the world of trans sports.

Hour 2 Joe begins with an important but heavy topic on the minimizing placed on the value of life. Reusse joins for his weekly report on the world of sports, including why he thinks that baseball is in real trouble. Joe then wraps up the week with a segment of listener mail.