Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray – Christmas Light Prank/Rivalry

Part-1: 0:00 Part-2: 7:51 Part-3: 11:45
Part-4: 17:31 Part-5: 21:20 Update: 29:01
A GL Christmas favorite! Hopefully I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes here by uploading the entire Christmas Light Rivalry, I am aware that they are available on the latest Garage Logic CD (this was NOT ripped from the CD). Some years back I recorded all the installments the Christmas Light Rivalry off the radio during one of those annual playback periods and put them all together on this cassette so I could play it whenever I wanted. Since I recorded the parts (or “installments”) straight off AM radio on some cheap church voice grade cassettes, the audio quality varies between recordings. I do believe the prank was done back around 1997-98. On the flip side of this cassette is Lew The Crabby Light Guy which can be heard here: Garage Logic can be heard weekdays 1PM to 3PM on AM 1500 ESPN in the Twin Cities area and through the web at their website,

I apologize for the distorted and hiss filled recording, this was recorded off AM radio using low end equipment on a mix of cheap and worn out tapes. At the time, I was recording the show for time shifting purposes and not always intending to keep every recording.

This was recorded off Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray AM 1500 KSTP/ESPN and is copyright of Hubbard Broadcasting. If for some reason the copyright holder wishes for this content to be removed, please send me an email and it will be removed immediately. No revenue is made off this video.
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