Garage Logic

Garage Logic is the seat of Gumption County, down the road from Diversityville, but not as far as Liberal Lakes. It's a place where common sense prevails, the 2-car garage is revered and cigar smoking is allowed (and lawyers aren't).

Latest Episodes

11/9 Thursday Hour 2 — Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray

Local high school athletes are on video singing lyrics the contain words that offend some people. The dilemma? If they are actual lyrics and they are singing the lyrics to the song, is that offensive? Hmmm. Can listening to Christmas music too early be harmful? At least when Joe and Patrick are singing them!

11/8 Wednesday Hour 1 — Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray

The local election is over. Joe goes after Reuvers for saying that he didn’t vote. Whoops! Who is Andrea Jenkins? Joe mentions that there are some very special people that were victorious this election cycle. The future of the NFL? Bleak according to Souch.

11/7 Tuesday Hour 2 — Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray

A dog that burps and is massaged? Yep. A Prof in Chicago wants students to be better queers. ??? A hate crime that was reported, was done by the victim at Kansas State. Cultural Appropriation: Where did this come from? A great joke called in by Carl F.

11/7 Tuesday Hour 1 — Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray

A little sports with an update on the wild and the Packers, then onto business. More info on the Texas killer, Texan authorities have decided not to ever mention his name again. Nate Silvers and his website produces some control numbers and talk.

11/6 Monday Hour 2 — Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray

More info coming in on the Texas church shooting. How will this change the gun control laws? This clown’s military service ended poorly. Joe switches to the election tomorrow. Should there be ranked choice? Probably not. Rookie announces a new family podcast.

11/3 Friday Hour 2 — Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray

There is a little known fact about a Minnesota law, or lack of, that allows cars that have been in floods, to be sold in MN. What? The get clean titles? Come on! An Oompa Quiz full of irony. Johnny Heidt nails it. Scramble!